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Mixture Equipments
Hoisting Agitated Vessels
Main applications: it is used for hoist rock slurry remending pulp circuit. But also as a mixer.
Main Technique Performance

XB Type Agitated Vessels
Main applications: it is used for mix rock slurry which concentration is not more than 30% with solid component grain size of less than 1 mm and Flotation Reagents. It is also suitable to mix other nonmetallic slurry.

Main Technique Performance

High Concentration Agitated Vessels
Main applications: it is used for mix to water, sand and cement; it is also used to mix other high concentration materials. Besides, it also suitalbe to use in mining, chemical industry and building construction.
Features: firstly, simple structure, easy overhaul and operation;secondly, mixing rotors are durabie in wear and corrosion; thiirdly, concentration of mixing dielectric can reach to 75%.
Working principles: materials get the energy from running rotors: get the helical energy with up-down direction opposite, then form two-ply relatively flows ore. So mutually assaulting and blending that make the materials mix well.

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