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Transmission Equipments
HK 69 Type Moving Belt Conveyor
Main applications: it is used for metallurgy, coal, building material, chemical industry, electric power industries, port,environment industries and warehouse etc.. The transferring bulk density is 0.52.5t/: not only for the bulk material such as blocky, grains,but also for transferring completed articles. The transport height could be adjusted flexibly in the maximum height.
Main Technique Performance:

Notice: the data in the table represents the moving belt conveyor which B equals to 500. BesidesOur company also can produce the moving belt conveyor which B equals to 650 and 800.

GX Type Screw Conveyor
Main applications: it is used for the industries as chemical industry, coal, building material, mining etc.. It can transfer the power, granule and small blocky materials, such materials as slack, cement, pieces of coal, carboniferoussaute bitscarbon black and zinc. But it is not suitable to convey the materials that is easy to perish, to form and to agglomerate.
Main Technique Performance:

D Type, HL Type, TH Type Bucket Elevator
Main applications: it is used for conveying the loose materials which are upward transporting powder granular, small block of non-mill cut or half-mill cut, such as coal, dust coke ,ore gains etc.. its characteristic features are vertically lifting and dischargeing quickly.( materiel temperature is no more than 80)
Main Technique Performance of D Type Bucket Elevator:

Main Technique Performance of HL Type Bucket Elevator

Main Technique Performance of TH Type Bucket Elevator

Fixed Conveyor of Type TD75& DT
Main applications: it is widely used for metallurgy, mining, coal, ports, power plants, building materials, chemicals, light industry, petroleum and other industries to transport all kinds of bulk materials and complete objects. DT type is latest upgrading type of products of the original type DX & TD75 by Ministry of Machinery Industry in " number eighty-five" science and technology development plans.
Main Technique Performance

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